Sugar Sachet Stick Packaging? Just use paper type packaging

Sugar stick filling machine, is one of the many packaging machines used to pack granulated sugar into smaller sized packages. Paper packaging media is mentioned because the packaging used is paper type packaging.

Even though in sugar packaging there are actually many types of packaging that can be used. Starting from plastic, paper, metalize, and also alufoil. Paper packaging was chosen because this type of packaging is also attractive when used to package sugar sachet products. Whether it’s a sugar sachet box model or an elongated stick model.

Sugar itself is one of the nine basic ingredients. This includes rice, vegetables, meat, cooking oil, milk, eggs, salt. Sugar as sucrose is obtained from sugarcane juice, beet sugar, or palm sugar. The process to produce sugar with the stages of extraction (squeezing) is followed by purification through refining.

Consider choosing quality packaging

Judging from the packaging model, there are several models of packaged sugar on the market. There is sugar in simple packages, ordinary packages are just a string. There are also sugar products that have been packaged modernly with machines.
Both machines that can directly fill sugar or use ones that can only be used to seal packages. Branded sugar is definitely more expensive than regular or non-branded packaging.

The most important consideration in packing sugar with quality packaging is because of the properties it has. The nature of sugar that is easily contaminated with the outside air and easily dissolves in water. So it is necessary to have a good way of packing sugar, one of which is packaged with quality plastic packaging, one of which is paper packaging.

Paper granulated sugar stick filling machine for packing sachet-sized sugar products

Plastic contents are safe for sugar, standard food grade. In principle, the aim is to maintain the quality of sugar until it is safe for consumers, the quality is maintained and the sugar is not spoiled. In general, paper sugar packaging like this is used to package sugar products in small sizes or sachets.

It is not recommended to use it to pack large sizes of granulated sugar. The size of 1 kg for example. Because the quality of the packaging is definitely different, it cannot be used for packaging with that size. Automatically in packaging like that the packaging must really be adjusted appropriately. So that the packaging can function properly.

To increase the selling value of granulated sugar products, you can wrap them with an automatic wrapping machine. This machine is different from other sealing machines, in addition to the packaging sealing process, this machine can also be used to carry out the filling process automatically.

Packaging using a modern automatic sugar wrapping machine certainly has its own advantages. Because apart from the quality of the packaging provided, the use of these machines also encourages to improve the type or appearance of the packaging used.

More complete and quality machine production of Aneka Mesin

The use of modern and beautiful packaging will increase the selling value of your product. Consumers are willing to buy more expensive products just by looking at the appearance of the packaging. If the packaging for your packaged sugar products is simple, then the selling price will be cheaper than similar products that use modern packaging.

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